Garden Plans and Designs

Garden plans can make or break your garden project. Often it depends on if you have one or not.

Having a garden layout or landscaping ideas and design plan will make your project flow smoothly and increase the chances of having a beautiful and balanced garden. The kind of garden you envisioned from the beginning.

Garden Inspiration

Choose a flower that you really like and use repeatedly in your garden design.

You might be inspired to create a cottage garden design from watching a movie filmed on location at an old English manor, or you might find inspiration from paintings at the museum.

formal garden plan

You may have a favorite flower- let’s say roses for instance... Start there and think about the best type of garden that will showcase the roses. Will it be strictly a rose garden? Or maybe a formal garden with boxwood, hosta and other traditional flowers like sweet alyssum surrounding the roses.

Taking the time up front to decide on color schemes, feel and style of your garden will ensure success.

Look around …..You’ll soon see a pattern of the style, color and types of flowers that you love and that will grow in your area.

There are many types of garden designs and plans;Your mission is to find the one that suits you best!

Take a look at the different garden styles and plans here and create your own home landscape plan with all of the ideas that you gather. Create a garden Journal or notebook file to keep your ideas in one spot.

What's Your Garden Style?

  • Simple Cottage Garden Read about simple garden design ideas to create the look and feel of a cottage garden no matter how big or small your yard.

  • Japanese Garden -Design Ideas If peace and tranquility are what you're looking for in outdoor space, then incorporate the Asian design influence of a Japanese Garden. Add a meditation room , and some white sand to rake to relieve the daily stress, and you will be instantly transported to a more peaceful place.

  • Annual Flower Garden An Annual Flower Garden adds instant rewards with early blooms, colorful choices and lots of easy to grow plants to choose from. Read this article and find out how to add color to a boring spot in your yard with an annual flower garden design.

  • Butterfly Garden Butterfly gardens are such fun for both the young and the old. Find out what plants and flowers to use to attract butterflies to your yard.

  • Container Garden Find out if you're using the right potting soil, get some inspiration for searching out unique planters and containers, and learn about container garden plans and design.

  • Herb Garden With money a little tighter these days, there has been a resurgence of interest in herb gardening. Learn from a list of herbs which are the easiest to grow. Whether you start growing herbs from seed or purchase at a nursery, an easy way to start is with a container herb garden to produce fresh herbs for basic cooking.

  • Rain Garden Have you ever wondered what a rain garden is? Read this article about this unique garden plan and benefits of using a garden design that includes beautiful native plants. You may have a problem spot in your yard that be ideal for a rain garden.

  • Front Yard Landscape and Garden We all know that first impressions are important, yet we often neglect the front yard garden. Ideas for a welcoming and fresh entry into your home don't have to be expensive or include large project plans. Here's list of 10 garden ideas that are easy to do for great curb appeal.

  • Backyard Garden

  • Perennial Garden

  • Shade Garden

  • Sun Garden


    More Inspiration For Your Garden Design

  • Start reading garden design magazines and books. read as much as you can about garden design and flowers.

  • Drive around and notice home gardens in your neighborhood, If there is a garden that you really admire, knock on the door and talk to the gardener for some tips. You'll be making friends with a neighbor at the same time.

  • Restaurant and mall entrances often have gorgeous front gardens. Take the time to stop and notice what the plant combination's are. They will work in your home garden since the garden zone will be the same.

  • Parks and public gardens in your hometown, as well as making a point to visit gardens when traveling out of state.Don't forget to bring along the camera.

  • The garden centers and nurseries are great for getting ideas. The larger ones have landscaping and gardens beautifully done so that you'll be enticed to buy.

    One of my favorite places for creative garden ideas is the Minnesota Landscape Arboretum I find so many ideas that I am running out of room in my yard. (Many of the photographs on this site were taken there.)

    Designing and planning are fun parts of the gardening process and you’ll find inspiration all around you.

    Garden Plans Tip

    The placement of your garden, whether it's in the shade or sun or both, will determine the flowers and plants that you use for your garden design.

    If you have specific flowers that you really, really want to use and they need a sunny spot to thrive, then select an outdoor area that gets 6-8 hours of sun.

    Once you have the garden plan in hand, you can begin to prepare the garden soil. Now doesn't that sound like fun?

    Still having trouble designing your garden?

    If you can’t come up with a garden design on your own....

    • There might be times when a landscaper or garden professional is needed. If your garden plans include large boulders, stone retaining walls, or planting trees and shrubs, then hiring a professional landscaper might make sense. (Read the How to Hire a Landscaper article,)

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