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I know...who has the time to write in a journal? do. A simple method of note taking and filing will be so helpful when you want to remember front yard landscaping ideas or plan the next year's garden. Every year I used to think that I would remember each beautiful section of my garden and the flowers that performed beyond expectation, so that I could repeat the garden plan the next year.

Each spring I'd find myself trying to remember what went on in the garden the year before.

I couldn’t remember- did the hosta really like the spot under the lilac? Or did the herb garden do as well as I had hoped?

Jotting down simple notes and sketches during the garden season, gave me the peace of mind of not having to remember the year before; and I could avoid the same mistakes the next year.

Pages that I add to my garden notebook are pretty simple.

  • Write down when the flowers looked the best (and make a note to have a garden party next year same time!)

  • Take pictures of favorite flowers and add them to the journal

  • Sketch design ideas from visiting other gardens.

  • Keep garden articles or pictures from gardening magazines

  • Keep any other creative ideas for garden accessories or landscaping ideas

    You can keep a garden notebook too. It's not as difficult or time consuming as it might seem.

    No need to write a dissertation. Nothing elaborate, just enough to jog your memory when reading it next spring and you begin to plant the garden.

    Keep the notebook in the back porch or in the garage with the garden tools. Somewhere in sight and easy to use making quick notes of your ideas.

    Each spring you can review your notes of last season’s successes (and maybe a few failures!) and plan accordingly.

    A garden journal will help to recall what bloomed well and what didn't. You can note the months that the garden looks its best, which plants held up with continuous blooms, and which flower color combination you didn't really like in your gardens designs.

    If you don't take pictures of your garden, this is a good time to start.Take pictures of butterflies and birds that come to visit.

    Adding your garden photographs to the journal is a great way to re-live the summer glory days during the winter months, and the best way to remember your favorite color combination's and companion plantings in an

    annual garden.

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