Garden Party Idea and Outdoor Entertaining

Garden party ideas ....One of the best things about spring and summer for a Midwestern gardener is the outdoor entertaining after a long winter. We dream and plan about the first outdoor get together after the frost has melted.

  • Garden Party Ideas

    Theme parties are a great way to enjoy your gardens and backyard entertaining.Even if you don't have one of those wonderful outdoor kitchen rooms, entertaining al fresco is still something easily done.

    The theme of your party doesn’t have to be a complicated. Any idea, hobby, or event can be a theme. Think Olympics, baseball, ethnic foods, croquet, tea parties, baby and wedding showers; even gardening is a theme that you can plan a backyard party around.

    Are you fascinated with France? Why not a garden party with French food and wine? Italy – That country’s association with food, wine and gardens is a great idea to build on.

    These pages will give you garden party ideas, tips and techniques for hosting memorable events in your garden and backyard spaces.

    Please feel free to use these ideas as they are, or expand with your own creative twists to fit your family and friends. Pick a theme – have fun and enjoy entertaining in your backyard gardens. It's always fun to take pictures of your family and friends having fun at these parties and keep them in your garden journal to look at when the winds are howling and there is 2 feet of snow on the ground......

    Check out the garden party theme ideas below and pick a few to try and bookmark this page for future use.

    Western Theme Party Everyone loves a good hoedown!Both kids and adults can get into the spirit of a Western themed backyard party. From playing horseshoes to competing in burlap sack races,this kind of party offers the ease of times past and plain ol' good fun!

    Backyard Bocce Ball Party I love everything Italian and Bocce Ball is one of those things. Having a backyard Bocce Ball party lets you and your guests have the opportunity to enjoy great Italian food , wine, while enjoying the outdoors. For more information on Bocce history

    Mexican Fiesta Party Throwing a Mexican themed backyard party is a fun idea even if it's not Cinco de Mayo. Bright colors, happy music and spicy food washed down with a cool drink is a great way to spend an evening...don't you think?

    More Garden Party Ideas

    Classic Cocktail Party on the Patio You know that you have grown up when the college beer bust morphs into civilized cocktails on the patio . Keep it simple and elegant . All you need is a signature drink- classic linens ( use solid colors)and classic songs from Frank Sinatra.

    Children s Garden Scavenger Hunt Planning a children s birthday party? Why not have a scavenger hunt through the backyard and gardens. The kids can look for a certain color of flower , or surprises hidden along the garden path .

    4th of July Backyard Party Get out the red white and blue! That color combination never goes out of style does it?. Serve up hot dogs and root beer floats. Container gardens filled to the brim with red, white and blue petunias set the scene.

    Neighborhood Progressive Picnic A Progressive Picnic means that the party starts at one house, and the guests move from house to house for each course of the meal . The theme can be anything grilled- it can be green foods only, or ethnic dishes. The key to this party is to be organized ahead of time, and it helps if the houses are within walking distance from each other.

    Planning for Fun

    Outdoor Entertaining Tips and Planning Ideas Don't be afraid to host parties outside. You want to be able to enjoy your own party, and you can. There are planning tips and tricks to help make the event read on and start planning your next back yard garden party.

    Bring your parties out to the flowers and plants

    outdoor furniture

    Set the tables and chairs up close and personal with the roses and peonies.

    Pull a few Adirondack chairs into the hosta shade garden. A relaxing cup of tea, with a good friend, in the garden is a wonderful relaxing afternoon. Try it!

    Seasonal Garden Tasks

    Planning these garden party ideas also motivates me to get the gardens and yard in tiptop shape as soon as possible in springtime. …….Similar to inviting friends over during the winter months; forces you to clean the house-right? Of course I’d rather be outside in the fresh air preparing for the outdoor activities in the gardens, than cleaning the house. Who wouldn’t?

    One word of caution here about your flower gardens and entertaining; something is bound to get stepped on when there is a party going on in the gardens. Relax…..

    Stay calm if someone stomps through a flower bed during one of your parties, chasing balls, or playing tag or whatever.

    Remember – plants and flowers can be replaced. Having your guests engaged enough to wander around your yard and into the garden, brings energy and life to the party.

    In fact..... it’s a sign of a great backyard garden party!

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