Container Gardens

A container garden is a great way to grow a flower garden when time or space is limited. It seems that everyone is pressed for time these days . Many friends don’t have time needed to tend a larger border garden or perennial gardens , but still want the look of a lush garden oasis. Once they place a few pots and container gardens around the yard, they are happy with more color and the look and feel of a planted garden.

Window Box and Geranium Pots

I fell in love with color of the painted blue bench, window box and shutters at a home in Charelston. The red geraniums in the concrete container gardens really pop  and the pink and yellow flowers in the windowbox  soften the blue. What a welcoming front door.

 Limited Space? Create fabulous mini gardens in your containers.
Gardening in containers can be a practical and easy way to have beautiful flowers and the homey touch that goes with lush gardens, but without the hassle of planting,maintaining and care of a large garden space. Select bright and colorful plants or single color arrangements for classic design.

You can also create a small Butterfly Garden by selecting the right plants for the pots. 

Terrariums are mini gardens - usually in glass containers with a lid. They are fun to make and easy to maintain. Scroll to the middle  of the page and click on the cool terrariums link.

What to use for your container garden - think out side the pot

Growing flowers in unique and special planters can add a different dimension to a backyard garden, or front entry garden depending on the type of container and also the plants that are used.

Garden planters can be anything from an old rain boot, to an antique grocery cart to vintage concrete planters. You can really get creative and find your own unique look and style by searching out different types of plant containers.

Vintage and Junk Market garden styles have gained popularity over the past few years. The look is quirky and fun- like old bedsprings for a trellis , grocery cart planter, or vintage gutters upcycled to a plant holder.....galvanized metal and wooden crates complete the look .

Perfect Plants  for Container Gardens  

When you go shopping for the perfect plants for your garden, you should know if the pots will be in the sun or shade . From there you can use plant color, size and texture to evaluate the best choices suited for you. 

Some of my favorite annual plants for pots are listed below . Read this article for tips on an easy to grow annual flower garden 

Favorite plants for sunny areas

  1. Dahlia
  2. Moss rose
  3. Cosmos
  4. Geranium 
  5. Petunia
  6. Lantana
  7. Sweet pototo vine
  8. Sweet alyssum
  9. Succulents

Favorite plants for shady pots

  1. Begonia
  2. Impatiens
  3. Hosta
  4. Sedge grass
  5. Fern
  6. Calladium
  7. Fuchsia
  8. Coral bells
  9. Coleus

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Basics of Gardening in Containers

Don't be intimidated by creating your own potted garden . Read and follow these tips and youi'll be off to a good start !

Select the perfect planter or containers that express your style. You  will be surprised to see what you can come up with around the house once you start looking at things with new eyes. There are certain characteristics that need to be taken into consideration when selecting your containers  like drainage, and size. Read more on selecting garden planters and containers ....

Use the right potting soil or mix. Don't use the soil and dirt from your garden beds for container plants!  That is a basic no no in the gardening world! Your potted plants  need more nutrients and the right mix in order to thrive. Garden soil is too heavy or sandy and will not give you the strong plants that your are hoping for . Read more about choosing the right potting  soil.... 

Follow this  3 layer planting formula for fool proof pots. If your pot needs filler , add water bottles, packing peanuts or something to fill space. If not, add potting mix to the container until half way up . Add a layer slow release fertilizer and/or water absorbing crystals if your mix does not have it. Now add more mix until just 2 inches below the pot's rim.Plant the flowers at the same depth from the nursery . Start with the largest plants and work your way down to the smaller ones. It is okay to pack them tightly.

Nurture and care for your containers and patio planters for gorgeous flowers all summer long. Don't neglect the container gardens- three things need to be done regularly for the best gardens in town. Water regularly, fertilize , and dead head the spent blooms. Read this article with more tips on caring for yout container garden...

Best Locations for Container Gardens  

That's the beauty of a potted garden - they are usually portable and can go anywhere!

Of course you'll plant according to the sun/shade requirements, but anyhere that you want color and texture is a perfect place to add some potted plants.

Designing with Containers

 If you want to hide less than pleasant views - add some large pots with tall prairie grasses . There are many types of trees that can be planted in larger containers. ( check with the nursery about the best solutions for your area) One simple potted bonsai tree can be just enough to give your backyard garden that Japanese Garden serene and relaxing feeling and block out unwanted views of the neighbors house or that pesky downspout.

  • Freshen up a fence or wall with a grouping of potted plants. Make sure that it will be located in a spot that can be watered easily. 
  • Create a warm and welcome entry by incorporating containers in your front yard landscaping ideas.
  • Add structure to a patio by creating a divider of pots.
  • Create a focal point and brighten up any area with gorgeous pots.
  •  Have fresh herbs on hand with pots of herbs by the kitchen door
  • Add symetry to a garden gate by flanking each side with gorgeous containers of flowers.

Container gardening for food can also be a very effective way to grow your own food in a limited space and is well worth considering, especially during these frugal times.


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