Container Garden Pictures

Use these container garden pictures to give you ideas when you're creating your own combination's.

Sometimes I see  Container Gardens  that I love, and I'll try to remember the colors scheme or plant material....but later when I try to re-create the look - I'm at a loss. Now I take pictures of great container garden design ideas    and add the photos to my  Garden Journal for future reference. Then when I get in the mood to create something- I can open my book and re create the garden design.

Are you a golf nut?  Use your old clubs as a trellis in the garden bed!  this would also be a cute idea to add to a planter. Click the photo for a larger picture. 

Ok - Ready? I'd like to share with you some of my favorite garden containers . Many of these have been shared on Pinterest - so I know that others have liked them as well !

I love the color and strong elements of the mixed materials- wood, metal and clay pot against the wonderful begonia and sweet potato vine.  Stong and gentle at the same time .

 I love the patina of this urn below, and also the way the fern texture stands out. It is a simple and classic conservatory design style.

These gorgeous azaleas in the heavy creamy white planters are typical of any Southern Container Garden

This yellow pot full of bright annuals in purple and chartreuse looks fabulous nestled into the flower bed.

This is my sweet winter indoor container garden ....the African Violets  bloom continuously all through the cold Minnesota winter.

Love this cool color combination of lime green and purple....

Fall garden clean up is not so bad when you can surround yourself with vignettes like this. This planter below  is filled with tall snap dragons and morning glories growing up the building. Add a few pumpkins and gourds and your garden is unique and relevant to the season of harvest.

More pumpkins .....Grasses that blow in the breeze are great for containers because a little goes a long way - and  there is interest and movement when the wind blows.

Adding  a lovely brick walkway to the entrance of your home  will instantly  update  your front yard garden designs and welcome your guests in style.  

Notice how the plants are packed in pretty well. As the flowers mature, the container garden looks lush and healthy. The design is layered from the center out.

This container garden picture is from my front yard. I pick hydrangea heads and add them to the kale, coleus and petunias for a little twist . The hydrangeas fade gracefully into the fall season, and when they turn a dark brown, I pull them out .

 An old European styled plant stand makes the perfect backdrop for pots of single color plants. These plants can be swapped out throughout the season for in season plants.

An antique grocery cart can look at home in the garden with 2 or 3 foliage plants . The rain and other elements only add to the vintage look.



Here is one that is simple and easy to put together . This color combination looks good thru the fall. Keeping container gardens well watered is key to keeping them full and healthy.

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