Annual Flower Garden

Create a beautiful annual garden for color all summer long

An annual flower garden is a great way to ease into gardening as a beginner, as well as adding instant color and impact to your established perennial gardens or other outdoor areas that need a color boost.

Gardening with colorful annual plants like geraniums,zinnias, marigolds and petunia plants, can offer instant gratification.

After finding the perfect flower at the nursery or garden center, you can come home, plant them and have a developed annual flower garden full of color in no time.

Having an immediate pop of color soon after the long cold Minnesota winter is like Dorothy’s experience in the Wizard of Oz when she sees Emerald City for the first time. Everything goes from drab to brilliant Technicolor in no time.

I'm in planting Zone 4 which means that we have long, cold, hard winters where many flowers don't make it through. So annual flowers are an important part of our garden plan.

Every year I also grow some annuals from

garden seeds packets. It's a great way to get a head start on the growing season .

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Find out what your hardiness zone is , and grow flowers that work best in the climate where you live. Some flowers are annuals in the colder hardiness zones and perennials in southern climates. Create a garden plan that's right for your garden.

The planning and hard work will be worth it when that pile of soil and dirt in your backyard is becomes a glorious garden that you can be proud of.

Creating an annual flower garden is fast and simple when you get them in small ready to plant pots from your local garden center or nursery.

The trick is to select plants that are young, healthy and compact.

Stay away from older established flowers that have heavy blooms on them at the garden center– they'll look raggedy too quickly.

With proper planning, planting and a little creativity, you will have the annual flower garden of your dreams with lots of color and variety for indoor bouquets.

What are Annual Flowers?

Annual flowers are the flowers that do not come back the next year. They complete their life cycle in one season and die off in the winter.( Perennials come back year after year)

They're usually colorful, bold, and lively flowers -that add color and personality to any garden or landscape.

Annual flowers are :

  • Easy to plant
  • Fairly low maintenance
  • Inexpensive
  • Great for adding texture and color for an instantly vibrant garden
  • Can be either a shade or sun loving plants. Both types are listed below.
  • Last only one planting season
  • Great for Container Gardening
  • Annual Herb Gardening

    Easy to Grow Annual Flowers

    Check out these favorite annual flowers that I've used over and over again in my gardens . Annuals are great for container gardening too.

    Alyssum is a great edging more
    Begonias are one of the favorite shade more>
    Cleome is an elegant and airy more>
    Cockscomb is a happy flower that gives more>
    Coleus is a nice colorful plant- use indoors or more>
    Cosmos are delicate and more >
    Dusty Miller is a great contrast plant more>
    Flowering Tobacco is a hardy more>
    Geraniums are a staple in container more>
    Impatiens - the delicate flowers need shade and more>
    Marigolds are one of the most common garden more
    Moss Roses for your cottage garden more>
    Zinnias come in a multitude of bright more>

    When you purchase annuals in pots, there is one thing you need to do before they're ready to go into your garden - take care to acclimate or harden them to your garden. Many of the plants that are purchased in greenhouses have only been grown indoors and need some outdoor adjustment time.

    Usually home improvement centers have outdoor areas that hold the plants for your annual flower garden. But many of the greenhouses keep the plants indoors mad sell the flowers off the inside shelves and have not been acclimated to the outdoors.

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