Hedges and Shrubs

Well placed hedge plants and shrubs can add a wonderful dimension to your home gardens and landscaping. Hedges can define space like outdoor rooms or property lines, be planted for privacy, reduce noise or wind, or simply as a backdrop to other gardens and spaces.

Shrubs are wonderful in the garden. They add texture and can fill in large empty space alongside perennials and annuals. Planting flowering shrubs makes it easier in planning your garden so that something is blooming all of the time.

Shrubs are also great for front yard landscaping ideas - plant them next to the house foundation, in groups of 3 placed in the corners of the property , or a few flowering shrubs nestled underneath trees.


A hedge is simply a grouping of bushes, shrubs or small trees planted close together and set in a single straight row or line. Hedges can take on a more formal look by trimming and clipping often in geometric shapes.

An informal hedge is one that is not regularly pruned, and looks a little less tame. This informal style is better in a natural setting , but both have a place in the landscape.

Many evergreen and deciduous shrubs work well to create hedges for providing privacy.

Easy Hedge Plants

Here are some easy to grow hedge plants . Check your area to see if that are compatible with your Garden Growing Zone.

You can order these online or find them at your local nursery, Home Depot or Lowes.

  • Lilac bushes have been used for decades as hedges. They are beautiful in the spring when they have blooming flowers and a great scent, but afterwards they can be pretty dull. If you like the lilac, then I suggest planting another row of smaller plants or shrubs in front , something that might flower all year like a variegated leaf Weigela that has blossoms in the spring and early summer, but the leaves have some interest too.

  • Arborvitaes

  • Cottoneaster

  • Boxwood

  • Alpine Current

    Shrubs and the Garden

    If you're short on time , or physically have limits with hoeing, weeding, and planting and maintaining a flower garden, then maybe a shrub garden is the way to go . Planting ever-changing shrubs in a pleasing design can give you color and texture , fill garden space with little garden maintenance.

    Some of my favorites shrubs include the forsythia shrub which offers bright yellow blooms very early in the spring, and another favorite is the burning bush which turns flaming red in the fall . Both are easy to grow and care for, and provide great color.

    Another favorite shrub is the hydrangea . The comes in many varieties, and is so easy to care for. The flowers are gorgeous!

    If you have not added a hydrangea to your garden yet- go out and get one now. you will love it ! Hydrangeas make great cut stems to bring in the house, and they are also great to dry and use in arrangements all year long.

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