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Are you looking for creative home garden ideas? Do you need help with garden style design and some front yard landscaping ideas and inspiration?

Maybe you just moved into a new home and need some direction on updating the front yard landscaping.   Or you might be planning a fabulous outdoor party to celebrate a milestone birthday.

Click on on the tabs to the left ,for gardening advice and entertaining tips. Also look for articles on backyard landscaping ideas  and  many ,many pictures on different home and garden topics.

Using the navigation bar on the left you'll find time tested garden tips like:

1.Selecting and growing the right flowers for your gardening zone
2.How-to for creating and maintaining a container garden
3.Learn about different garden plans, designs and styles 
4.Using solar power to light up the night on the patio
5.How you can bump up the curb appeal with front yard landscaping ideas
6.Learn about growing herbs  both indoor and out in the garden

This is my backyard garden in the photo above. It changes every year- depending on what mood I am in , and what wonderful goodies I find at the nursery in the spring!

Whether it’s an herb garden, annual flower garden, outdoor entertaining on your patio or creating beautiful container gardens; we can help you with your garden projects.

My hope is that my many years of experiences  (both good and bad ) will be able to share the information and help you in some way with your garden design and ideas.  

We’ll give you easy gardening ideas and tips so you can have fabulous flowers and backyards of your own, and still have the time to enjoy and relax in them!

Are you ready to get started on some new home garden ideas? Please browse to your hearts content and stay as long as you like  :) 

Happy digging!

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